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Curtain Walls

1.Etem Façades system (Curtain walls)

1.1.Unitized facade  system

1.1.Unitized facade system E90

Advantages :

  1. Easy installation without scaffolding.
  2. Possibility to execute complex modules with various types of materials.
  3. Variety of cladding solutions.
  4. Certified from ift Rosenheim
Optimal thermal insulation E85

1.2. Optimal thermal insulation E85

Advantages :

  1. Flexible system enabling execution of complex constructions as roofs, cupolas, atriums, pyramids, conservatories.
  2. Easy to install sun protection panels in front of the façade.
  3. Option to insert photovoltaic panels within the façade.
  4. E85 can be applied as Classic structure,2 sided structural glazing or 4 sided structural glazing.

Anti-burglar system E85


1.3. Anti-burglar system E85

Advantages :

Suitable for window displays of bank offices and financial institutions.
Extremely secure and reliable system Re-inforced T-brackets.
Special and secure solid supporting elements
Certified from ift Rosenheim

Curtain wall system E8000


1.4. Curtain wall system E8000

Advantages :

A specific feature is the cassette structure built on a traditional stick system. The system allows top hung or parallel opening vents with the same outer appearance as the fixed cassettes.
60 mm system width
Certified from ift Rosenheim

Curtain wall system with aluminum cap E6400

1.5. Curtain wall system with aluminum cap E6400

Advantages :

Classical type façade system.